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Bioinformatics workshop


Endosymbiotic Organelles Evolution Symposium

Thanks to the support of International Society of Protistologists, we have the opportunity to bring a new conference symposium to this year’s Protodays 2019, titled Endosymbiotic Organelles Evolution, which will consist of plenary lectures and a workshop, focused on analyzing transcriptomic data and presenting various bioinformatic methods.

The workshop will be held by Alex Tice (Mississippi State University, USA) and Serafim Nenarokov (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic) and is open to all participants.


If you wish to attend the workshop, please register through


Participants are required to bring their own laptop, preferably with Unix environment and bash shell. Additionally, you may preinstall the following softwares, although it is also possible on-spot.



Additionally, you may learn how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 here.